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Cottars 1920 Safari Tented Camp–Masai Mara, Kenya
Cottars 1920’s Tented camp is often touted as perhaps the only remaining authentic safari camp in Kenya. The camp recalls and era of luxury where safaris were elegant an intimate adventures. You find antique touches of casual luxury from old gramophones, faded antique rugs and claw-foot tubs to polished butler’s trays and wrought-iron candlesticks.
The Cottar’s family prides itself with 80 years worth of African luxury safari experience. Cottars 1920 tented camp Kenya mirrors a unique experience for old safari hands – an era where the ‘safari’, filled with romance, professional guiding and elegance,  became indelibly impressioned on the minds of African explorers and adventurers.
Cottars tented camp sits in an exclusive and extensive concession between Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve and Tanzania’s Serengeti and Loliondo Game Reserves. The private 250,000 acre private concession is situated outside the Mara. In recent times the Mara has gained notoriety for being overly congested with throngs of tourists, especially during high seasons. The concession sits in virgin territory - virtually untouched by any tourism developments and other aggressive feats witnessed throughout the Mara. In fact, you are guaranteed that; no hot air balloons or low flying ‘charter-crafts’ will fly overhead; no minibuses will buzz around, and most certainly; there won’t be any nearby lodges in sight to steal your special moments.
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Tsavo Tented Safari Camp –Tsavo East NP, KenyaTsavo Tented Safari Camp has for decades been a coveted African outback safari highlight. Sitting on an old adventurer’s and explorer hunting base – dubbed Kitaani Kya Ndundu – in the thrilling complete-feast-of-the-senses Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo Tented Safari Camp has long been established as one of the earliest tented camps in Kenya.

Tsavo is almost midway between Mombasa and Kenya’s capital Nairobi. There are two national parks in Tsavo – one to the East and the other to the West. Tsavo Tented Safari Camp is in Tsavo East National Park. It takes a three hour drive from either Nairobi or Mombasa to get to Mtito Andei and another 45 minutes to get to Tsavo Tented Safari Camp Kenya. The camp is located 25 kilometres to the north of the park.

Tsavo East National Park’s pristine ecosystem reputed for sustaining the largest ornithological, mammalian, reptilian and insect diversity in the region through the years. The park has since been dubbed an ornithologist’s paradise. The park has an abundance of both thrilling wildlife and varied and voluminous vegetation.

Tsavo Safari Camp Description

Tsavo tented safari camp Kenya started as a hunting base for early African explorers and adventurers. The famous hunter Glenn Cottar and the world renowned wildlife photographer Peter Beard come to mind. So does Beryl Markham – the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic (from London to North America in 1936). It was also in this hunting base region that ‘The Man Eaters of Tsavo’ – rogue lions – attacked Indian labourers as they laid down the tracks of the East African railway. Tsavo Tented Safari Camp –Tsavo East NP, Kenya  

Tsavo Safari camp Kenya sits between the rapturous banks of the Athi-Galana river (the second longest river in the world featuring almost 300 kilometres in length) and the Yatta plateau (the world’s largest lava flow). Because Tsavo is very arid and dry with daily average temparatures of 29 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius at night, the area around Tsavo tented safari cam has often been described as a desert oasis.

With manicured lawns, gardens sorrounded by the Tsavo wilderness, all the suites face the river and the table-mountain yatta plateau consisting of a river bed covered with lava flow from Ol’ Donyo Sabuk hill. Animals usually come to drink by the river making for easier spotting. Each suite has a private elegantly furnished veranda with a panoramic view. All suites has hot running water, high pressure showers and flush toilets. The camp swimming pool is shaded by the coastal Doum palm trees. The camp also has a spa with seasonal yoga retreats.

The camp features a ‘fresh, varied and indulgent cuisine’ according to the host. Bush meals and sun-downers can be easily accommodated during game drives.

Sheldricks’ Blind

Tsavo safari tented camp Kenya is a gateway to into over a million acres of unexplored African desert terrain. The camp offers stunning views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Chyulu hills, Ngulai range and the meandering riverbed with a lava cap on a raised platform ridge following the original river.

Tsavo Tented Safari Camp –Tsavo East NP, KenyaSheldrick’s Blind – a concrete bunker built on two levels by David Sheldrick (1919-1977), who in went on to become the founder warden of Tsavo National Park in 1948 – is close to the camp. The blind which sits on a steep slope of the yatta plateau above a natural spring where clear water trickles from beneath a huge Lava boulder creating a lush oasis exposes the enchanting beauty of the never ending vastness of unexplored wilderness. Sheldrick was later awarded, in 1962, the Queens birthday honours for his pursuits with the royal national parks of Kenya.

There are both day and night game drives, bush walks, excursions to Tsavo west, fishing in the river as well as seasonal boating.

Getting to Tsavo Safari Camp

Trains and bus transport to Mtito Andei usually depart Mombasa and Nairobi daily – see local schedules for details. Tsavo safari camp has a private airstrip. Camp website –

Sangare tented camp Kenya is located in Sangare Game Conservancy – a private wildlife conservancy between the Aberdare and Mt. Kenya.  The 6500 acre conservancy at the northern foothills of the Aberdare ranges is approx. 166 kms north of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, 27 kms from Nyeri town and 50 kms from Nanyuki town.
Sangare tented camp Kenya is a lakeside camp with spectacular views of Mt. Kenya against the backdrop of Sangare hill. At a high altitude of 2000 mtrs. a.s.l. the magnificent fresh water lake adjoining the camp attracts a striking array of birdlife – over 300 species by some estimates. The Conservancy’s sprawling savannah grasslands dotted with game make it one of the richest private wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya. Read more on Sangare tented camp in the Aberdare Ranges.
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